WHAT is BIG Walk Kefalonia?



Big Walk Kefalonia (BWK) is an inaugural charity event being organized by local residents of Kefalonia. It is a moderate and fun hike covering about 75 km of Kefalonian trails over 5 days and 4 nights. It is open to all.

The route will lead us through some of the best coastal and rural scenery of Kefalonia. Accommodation details are still being finalized according to numbers. Regular updates will be placed on our Facebook page. Nights will be spent in simple accommodation such as community centres, schools and possibly monastic rooms or simple hotel accommodation in order to take advantage of the most scenic and logistically practical route possible. There is still the possibility that one night may be spent in a cosy campsite and tents may be required.

On the final day of the walk, everyone is invited to join us for the last 10km ‘BIG Family Walk’ into Argsotoli, the capital of Kefalonia. Anyone who cannot commit to the full, 5 day walk is welcome to join us here.

So, dust down your walking boots and get training………….!

WHY BIG Walk Kefalonia?


The aim of BWK is to raise funds for two small, but effective charities, known personally to us currently working with refugees and homeless people in Greece; Nurture Project International and O Allos Anthropos.

Funds raised will also assist the welfare of stray animals in Kefalonia via Animal Rescue Kefalonia (ARK).

Walk participants will have the choice of selecting which registered charity they will support, Nurture Project International or ARK (or both).  All funds raised on the final day, BIG Family Day Walk, (the event created for Kefalonian residents and visitors who feel unable to participate in BIG Walk Kefalonia), will go directly to O Allos Anthropos.

If you love walking in an outstanding, natural environment and want to help, where better than the scenic, Greek island of Kefalonia!

We have a choice to walk – others do not.

Please join us NOW!


WHEN BIG Walk Kefalonia?

BWK will take place over 5 days and 4 nights from Wednesday 12 October 2016 to Sunday 16 October 2016.

BIG Family Day Walk will take place on Sunday 16 October 2016. Further details will be available on our Facebook page



Our professional, outdoor experts have devised an enjoyable hiking route which showcases both the beautiful coastal areas of Kefalonia and the stunning mountain scenery. Four of the five days will follow trails across pristine country along tracks known only to the locals. One day’s walk will be directly along the coastline following the road. There will be ascents and descents but all will be manageable. The route is approximately 75km but this may vary according to conditions on the day.


DAY 1  12 October 10Km

This will be a gentle warm up day. Starting from Vlahata on the southern coastal road of Kefalonia we meander up towards Falari through vineyards and olive groves and onwards to St. Gerasimos. Saint Gerasimos is the patron saint of Kefalonia and is held in high esteem both locally and throughout Greece. You will have an opportunity to visit his magnificent, iconic monastery set against the stunning mountain backdrop. This is Robola grape country and the evening may offer an opportunity to sample some renowned local wines!  

DAY 2  13 October 17km

Today we travel cross country from St. Gerasimos to the delightful harbor town of Sami, of Captain Corelli fame. This will prove a more challenging day with some long, uphill sections but the effort will be rewarded with marvelous scenic views over the island of Ithaca.  

DAY 3  14 October 18 km

Today’s route from Sami to Ayia Efimia, firstly passes along the white stone pebble beaches of Sami to the Karavamilos lake. From here we hike along one of the most scenic coastal roads in Kefalonia. There are numerous little coves to discover and perhaps enjoy a swim along the way. It is a relaxing easy day to unwind and enjoy the camaraderie. On arrival in Ay. Efimia you can discover the beautiful village and tavernas that line the harbor. Although end of season, there will still be a few open for us!  

DAY 4 & 5  15 & 16 October Km (approx 45km - TBC)

The two last days of the trip will be over the roughest and most remote terrain of the walk as we make our way over the hills from Ay. Efimia to Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. However, the trail is moderate and enjoyable. Camping mid way amidst the goat tracks, mountains and dense Cyprus copses will be a truly memorable experience and a highlight of the trip. On Day 5 at a point 10km from Argostoli (TBC) we will be joined by the BIG Family Day walkers which will spur us on to the finishing line and a well earned celebration in the capital.
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