Click the Register icon below to register for both BIG Walk Kefalonia and the BIG Family Day Walk (16 October 2016).
Registration for Big Walk Kefalonia is 35 Euros and will cover the cost of an event tee-shirt, cap and the cost of luggage transportation. Payment will be collected at the commencement of the event.
Registration for the short 10km walk is a donation on the day.

Thank you for considering joining BIG Walk Kefalonia! You have taken your first step in reading this, the rest is easy! Everybody is welcome to take part and everyone is encouraged to raise as much money as they can for one of the event charities. It is hoped that each participant will aim to raise at least 300 Euros but the charities will be grateful for any money you can raise. Come if you can and raise as much money as you can!
When you click to register below you will be invited to set up a very simple Fundraising Page. This will take a couple of minutes and then you are ready to start fundraising. You can link your Fundraising Page to your FB page  and your email account. It is very simple. However, there is no substitute for word of mouth so let everyone know about BIG Walk Kefalonia and ask them to sponsor you!

BIG Walk Kefalonia has been timed to coincide with the last direct flights leaving and returning to the UK on Easyjet from London, Gatwick
You can also fly to Athens from most European cities and then take an Aegean flight to Kefalonia.
There are regular ferry services from Killini on the Greek mainland to Poros in Kefalonia. Killini is accessible by KTEL bus from Piraeus, Athens.

Kefalonia is a rugged, mountainous island, criss crossed with agricultural and goat tracks! It is impossible to avoid some ascents and descents. That said, BIG Walk Kefalonia is not designed to be a marathon event or an impossible challenge. Our aim is to raise funds and enjoy a long, manageable hike. We have endeavoured to select a moderate route that can be enjoyed by anyone of average to good fitness and mobility.
(Perhaps it is a time to reflect on how it might have felt for the thousands of refugees who have trudged endlessly over land to try and reach sanctuary).
We aim to walk between 12 to 22 km per day – a total of approximately 75km over 5 days. You will be walking on average 4-6 hours daily which will allow plenty of time for relaxation on arrival at your daily destination. If you are not sure of your ability to complete the walk, find a moderately hilly track and walk 15 – 20km. See how it feels. Only you know your own body!
It is advisable to undertake some training walks prior to the event. If you regularly walk 6-8km on a flat track, increase your output with a couple of longer, more challenging walks to gradually increase your fitness. Do not leave your training to the last two weeks as your body needs to be well rested and attuned to walking moderately long distances when you embark on the walk. Make sure your walking shoes are thoroughly worn in. Remember to stretch well after all training walks.
If you are unsure of your suitability to complete the walk please consult your doctor. Please also ensure you have the correct medical and travel insurance in place.
If the 5 day walk is not suitable for you register here for the short 10km walk to Argostoli on the final day – Sunday 16 October 2016.

A sense of humour, adventure and fun is necessary for participation in BIG Walk Kefalonia! We share a common goal and are a group of people doing our best to support three excellent charities! With this in mind, we will all succeed and enjoy our amazing walk.
Or support team will be at hand on a daily basis to transport luggage. Please bring a light weight, soft holdall and keep luggage to a minimum (max 15kg).
Below is a list of suggested items to bring on the walk.
1. Torch
2. Hat/sunscreen
3. Toilet roll
4. Wet ones/antiseptic handwipes
5. Blister kit/mini medical kit
6. Sleeping bag/sleeping mat
7. Strong training shoes with ankle support or hiking boots/good quality woolen socks
8. Lightweight waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers
9. Warm fleece
10. Shorts/teeshirts/tracksuit
11. All items of a personal nature/hand towel
12. Small day pack/backpack
13. Tent (if possible)
14. Water bottle
15. Camera
16. Walking poles (optional)
17. Insect repellant
18. Swimming suit/lightweight towel

Even though it will be the end of the season in Kefalonia there will still be a few good tavernas en route which service the locals. You can budget around 12 – 15 Euros (including a drop of house wine) for dinner.
Lunch and snacks can be purchased and carried en route. Where no tavernas or facilities exist for meals, simple, satisfying camp meals will be provided by the support team at a low cost. Meals can be paid for along with your registration fee at the commencement of the walk. We regret we have no credit card facilities.

As this is an inaugural event, accommodation will be finalized in mid September 2016 when the exact number of walkers has been ascertained. It is the aim of event organizers to keep walkers’ costs to a minimum so it is accessible to all. A range of accommodation will be used. This may vary from 2-3 star properties or simple studio apartments, to monastic rooms, to community centres to possibly tented accommodation. Details are currently being finalized. All accommodation will be clean and sanitary but possibly lacking in luxury! When registering, please select either a single, double or twin room in case hotel accommodation is required.

All venues will be selected by our experienced, volunteer team of outdoor experts.

You will be advised by email of your accommodation details 3 weeks prior to the event. All payments will be made directly by participants to any hotel utilised at the time of stay, in Euro. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for up dated information.

Walk participants may be requested to bring their own tents if possible. (In the event that you cannot secure a tent, we have a limited supply at our disposal). You will also require your own warm sleeping bag and a sleeping mat.

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